Why you should go for User Meta Pro

If you are looking for User Management Plugin, User Meta is the best plugin to go for. Since, it is a versatile user profile builder and user management plugin that you will find all the features in a single platform. Followings are some key points why you should go for this solution.

Work with Any Theme
User Meta works with any WordPress theme. So, if you’re using a theme from WordPress or even if you’re using a custom theme it will work great for you.

Quick Setup
The plugin is quick and easy to set up and running. Our no-code, drag and drop plugin allows you to start creating and customizing user login and profile pages within minutes as well. Besides, the supports that might be needed for a user, are provided on our website.

Fast & Simple Customization Tools
One of the easiest things you can accomplish with this plugin is customizing your form with some simple clicks because it has all the fields that are needed. However, if you want to customize your form with some styles, you can simply go to the Advance option.

Powerful Access Rules
Restrict Content add-on will help you to tailor all the users’ permission to see your content (pages/posts etc.). Moreover, you can moderate and censor your posts for different roles . And if you want to keep your premium content away from prying eyes, then you can set some of your content available only for your logged-in users too.

Regular Updates and Bug Fixes
On the Change Log page, you can see the versions and as well as the features of our plugin that are newly added or after fixing some bugs .

Ready to Translate
It has an add-on WPML Integration that allows translations of complete User Meta Pro plugin’s generated texts. It translates page ids like login, registration, and profile page. Available translations are German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Czech and Turkish.

Email Notification
You can customize the format of the emails that will be sent from your WordPress site. It also verifies email on registration and sends email(s) after registering and updating. You can also customize lost passwords, email verification, user activation or deactivation email.

Google Security Captcha
It allows you to implement a Google security captcha into forms like registration and login forms. Re-Captcha protects your site against spam, malicious registrations and other forms of attacks where computers try to disguise themselves as a human.

Export/Import User
You will have the option to save your user data as exported CSV files and can import users on our pro version. Even you can also choose fields that you want to export. You can design your CSV file with some easy drag and drop.

Website Security
User Meta Pro allows users to register on your WordPress site without accessing the admin area. It enables fast and seamless user login without compromising the security of your website.

Developer Friendly
If you are a tinkerer, we’ve got you covered. Our code is clean and fully commented with a number of hooks and filters for extending the plugin. You can also find a Developer guide on our website..

Professional Support Team
We have an efficient dedicated support team available for your assistance. We are available via email, forum and contact form to provide you with the best support. If you face any problem, you can also write your problem in our Support Forum section. We will try to reach you and solve your problem as soon as possible.

Extensive Documentation
We provide all the documentation for every single step that you need. In addition, we also have Video documentation.