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Using User Meta Pro

How can I make non-editable field that will show user’s data but can’t be edited by users?

Do it with HTML field. Make HTML field from Field Editor section of UMP. Write HTML code in Default Value box of the field. Use placeholder to provide user’s data. Like, if you want to show user email then use placeholder %user_email%. You can show any field’s data by using placeholder of the field.

Created field will be shown as text and it will be non-editable.

I’d like to restrict users from creating usernames with special characters. How can i do this?

Use regex in a custom field to avoid special characters and use the custom field as username.
regex e.g: ^([a-zA-Z0-9]*)$
This regex will only allow alphabetical and numerical characters but not any special symbols or space.

In the Fields Editor, create your custom field. Name it exactly “Username” and then the meta key modify to user_login. Then on the Forms Editor, remove the default Username field, with your Username (custom) field. Make sure your custom Username field is selected as Required and Unique.


Is it possible to make email as the username when no username is chosen. How can I do it?

Definitely it is.

On your registration page, put only email field with other fields. If you do not put username field on registration page, then the email address will be used as username.

By default, username takes without domain part from email. If you need full email as username please put following code to your functions.php.

add_filter('user_meta_username_without_domain', function(){return false;});

How to add reCAPTCHA to form?

Go to “User Meta>>Formatting Fields>>Captcha“. In the Basic option, you can set reCaptcha Version. Captcha Sign Up/ Dashboard link will bring you to the Google reCAPTCHA registration page. In the Label field write your label, choose the type of reCAPTCHA and the domain name you want to use the reCAPTCHA in. After submitting the registration, you will get a Site key and Secret key. Place them in the Captcha field’s configuration.

This video tutorial on Captcha configuration could be helpful too.

Can I add Agree to Terms & Conditions in form?

Yes, you can. We have a Consent field in the Advanced Fields section.

Do I need coding skills to use User Meta Pro?

No, not really. You can create and manage forms without any coding knowledge. Simply drag and drop the fields onto the form to quickly create and use full-featured forms.

What is meta-key in different fields? Why I need it?

Every field that is supposed to store data has a ‘unique meta key’ that must be filled (unless the field is a WordPress default field that has a fixed meta-key. For example, “user_eamil” for the default email field). This is automatically created for you when you create the field. The meta key determines how the field will be stored in the database of your website.

How can I display the content of a single field? Is there any shortcode?

Yes, there is.
You can display content from saved field by using following shortcode:
[user-meta type="field-value" id="3"]

Change id=”3″ by your field id.


Note: This shortcode is available since 1.1.6rc1.

Can I use more than one shortcode in a page?

Yes, you can. You can use several shortcode in a single page. Just put your shortcodes where you want.

How can I edit User’s Meta info from back end?

Go to : User Meta >> Settings >> Backend Profile Tab

Click to add fields you want, re-order, and even remove default WordPress fields that you are not using.

User Activation Problem: I have the “Need admin approval” option selected in the registration options, but when a new user is added through the registration form, their status goes straight to Active. How can I fix it?

When an admin added any user, that user’s status will be automatically active regardless of settings.

Most probably, you are trying to register user while you are logged on as admin at the same time.

How can I import data into custom field?

With dropdown (under assigned field), select Custom Field. You can change meta_key for certain custom field.Use the meta_key to import data into custom field.

Is there any logout page shortcode in User Meta Pro?

Unfortunately there is no shortcode for logout page. Actually, shortcode for logout is not a safe way as logout link should contain nonce field.

You can call wp_logout_url() function for logout url.

Installation & License Validation

How can I validate my licence to activate pro version

There are three ways to validate your pro license.

  1. Go to User Meta >> Settings, put your email and password for and hit “Validate” button to validate your license.
  2. If first method fails, follow to remotely validate the license.
  3. If both methods fails, send an email to support(at) with your site url. We will send you validation key.

I can’t automatically update UMP. There is an error message: PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature. What do I have to do to update?

1. Login and download latest version of User Meta Pro from Download Page.
2. You need to remove old version then. For removing the old version, go to Plugins >>Installed plugins from your admin panel. Find User Meta Pro, there will be a link named Active or Deactive under User Meta Pro. If plugin is Activated then Deactive it by clicking Deactive. After Deactivation, There will be a Delete link available. Click Delete link. Delete link will redirect you to confirmation page. Confirm you deletion by clicking Yes, Delete these files. (Deleting the plugin won’t effect on your saved fields/forms or settings)
3. Go to Plugins >> Add New from admin panel. Click upload from upper menu. Locate file and click Install Now. Plugin will start uploading, after complete uploading, Click Active Plugin.

User Meta Pro version 1.2 is not working properly. What should I do? (Requirement for UMP-1.2)

User Meta Pro version1.2 required at least PHP-5.4. In UMP-1.2, some features have been re-written using traits and short array syntax. Those are available since PHP-5.4.

You can use UMP- for PHP versions below 5.4.

License validation ERROR: Something went wrong – -32300 : transport error – HTTP status code was not 200. What should I do?


If the url doesn’t work, send an email to support(at) with your site url, in where you wanted to validate the license.

How can I switch the User Meta Pro license from the test server to production server under single site license?

If you have single site license, first export your UMP data, and withdraw license from your test server. To withdraw the license visit, User Meta >> Settings, then click “Update Credentials” and then click “Withdraw License”

Once you withdraw your license from your test server, you can able to validate your license in your live server.

Is there any trial version of User Meta Pro?

No, we don’t offer trial version. But there is a demo version, free of cost. Try Demo here :

I upgraded my WordPress, will I have problem running User Meta Pro?

The answer is no. We make sure that User Meta Pro performs perfectly with all the new versions of WordPress.