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Features You’ll Come To Rely On

completes all of your needs to manage users of your website


User Registration

Create your user registration form with drag-and-drop fields.

Register users on front-end

No need for WordPress default user registration! Registration shortcode, widget and template tag give you power to enable registration via front-end. Use different registration forms for different roles. Allow user registration without a username, just email.

user-registration features

Add extra fields on registration

You are not limited to use only the default WordPress fields in the registration form. Build your form with extra drag-and-drop fields. Data from extra fields will be stored at wp_usermeta table, so any other plugin can use the data very easily. Need a long registration form? Don’t worry! Subdivide long form with pagination.

extended registration features

User Meta Pro is a well-designed, feature-rich, and easy to use user management plugin that allows front-end profile update, user registration with extra fields, email notifications and many more. As, User Meta Pro is also a versatile user profile builder and user management plugin for WordPress which has the most features on the market. So, User Meta aims to be your only go to plugin for user management. We believe in synergy so we’ve solved all of your problems in one single plugin. Since, you are looking for the details of the features, this page is for you. However, the detailed features and the addons are explained with examples. Therefore, examples will give you the clear idea of the features. Besides, if you find problem in understanding, we have some video tutorial in the video sections.