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User Registration

Create your user registration form with drag-and-drop fields.

Register users on front-end

No need for WordPress default user registration! Registration shortcode, widget and template tag give you power to enable registration via front-end. Use different registration forms for different roles. Allow user registration without a username, just email.

Front-end user registration
Extra fields on registration

Add extra fields on registration

You are not limited to use only the default WordPress fields in the registration form. Build your form with extra drag-and-drop fields. Data from extra fields will be stored at wp_usermeta table, so any other plugin can use the data very easily. Need a long registration form? Don't worry! Subdivide long form with pagination.

User Profile

Build user profile with drag-and-drop fields then show that profile at front-end or backend.

Role based user profile on front-end

No more need to redirect user to default WordPress profile. Instead, show user profile at front-end using shortcode, widget or template tag. Use different user profile for different user role.

Front-end user profile
Populate user profile with extra fields

Populate user profile with extra fields

Like registration, adds extra fields to user profile too. Every default or extra fields contain proper validation (both client side and server side) and own configuration to best suit your needs.

Extra fields to backend user profile

Your pre created extra fields could be added to default backend user profile. Want to hide the unnecessary field from backend profile? Yes! You have the option to hide them.

Backend user profile

User Login

Provide ready to use login facility with several configuration

Login user in front-end

Use shortcode, login widget or template tag for front-end login. Not only login but also forget password and reset password are in front-end. Customize the whole login page with extra fields.

Front-end user login
Login configuration

Configure user login criteria

Login users with username, email or both username/email. Show role based data after login. Optionally, you can disable access to wp-login.php

Build your forms with several fields

Everything you need to build your profile or registration form is here. Every field contains its own configuration and validation. Very easy to use them, just add them to your form and you are done.

User Meta Pro Fields

Users Export / Import

Bulk users export/import to or from csv file.

Users export to CSV with extra fields

Just select which field you want to export, and you are done. Filter users with role or date. Optionally, you can create several export templates with different settings.

User export
User import

Import users with extra fields

Import bulk users from csv file. You can map fields from csv to your site to import. Import only new users or update existing user's data. Optionally, send bulk email while importing new users.

E-mail Notification

Don't let the system send an email to users which does not reflect your voice and branding

Customize all system generated email

Send user custom email while they are registering. Send email to admin with custom fields. Get notified admin if user update their profile. Customize lost password, email verification, user activation or deactivation email.

Email notification
Email notification

Include extra field to email subject or body

Use placeholder to include any extra field's data to email. Change email sender information for certain types of email.

Change default email sender

Every email sent from your site can be customized to use a particular name and email.

Email notification

Admin approval / Email verification

Control how users register at your site and get access

Let user verify their email before accessing your site, or let admin can take decisions as to which user should get access. Let user automatically log-in immediately after registration.

Admin approval / email verification


Redirect user to desired page after login, logout or registration

Role based redirection

Redirect user to certain page based on their role and action


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