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Restrict Content

This add on will help you to tailor all the users’ permission to see your contents (pages/posts etc). You can moderate and censor your posts for different user class (i.e roles). And If you want to keep your premium content away from prying eyes, then you can set some of your contents available only for your logged in users too.

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Activate your add-on

Go to Dashboard > User Meta > Add on , you will find the Restrict Content add on on the bottom of the page. Toggle the switch to activate this add on.

Restrict content add on preview
Img 1 Activate Restrict Content Add On

Click on the Options button if you want your users to login from the specific post You can also customize your prompts and dialogs in different places from his settings panel.

Img 2 Customize Add on Prompts and Logins


  • Make exclusive contents just for registered users
  • Censor posts for roles
  • Create role based exclusive contents and moderate access to them


How to hide content

If you want to hide any specific post/page, in edit screen, locate the restrict menu at the right side-bar. It will be under Document tab, named UMP Restrict Content.

options on the edit page
Img 3 Option on the Edit Page

You have to open this menu and select, the Logged in User Only option.

Option of restrict content for specific users
Img 4 Select Display Option

How to hide or display for specific

After you follow the steps above, click on the immediate option below Display Contents To . From there you can select role(s) to give permission for the post you are editing currently.

select roles for content moderation
Img 5 Selecting Role to Hide Post From