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Switch filter or action hooks

Allows integration or avoid plugin conflict by toggling filter or action hooks. You can switch filter and action hooks by enabling/disabling.

img-01: switch filter or action hooks
img-01:  filter or action hooks

Support Forum


  • Enable/disable action and filter hooks
  • List of hooks grouped by their uses
  • Multiselect toggling with select all and also group by options


Activate Switch filter or action hooks from User Meta >> Add-ons menu by turning on the respective box’s switch.


Go to Switch filter or action hooks >> Options. There you will get multiselect option where you can toggle the hooks individually and also with select all or select by group. Enable/disable your needed hooks and save the changes. There are four different hooks group available. These hooks will allow others plugins to talk with User Meta Pro. Enable them to integrate with others plugin or disable them for avoiding plugin conflict.

img-02: switch filter or action hooks options
img-02: switch filter or action hooks options


Select all

This option to select all the available hooks.


Hooks related to login are:

  • login_form_login
  • login_redirect
  • wp_login_errors
  • login_form
  • login_form_logout

Lost Password

Available hooks related to lost password are:

  • login_form_lostpassword
  • login_form_retrievepassword
  • lostpassword_post
  • retrieve_password
  • allow_password_reset
  • retrieve_password_key
  • retrieve_password_title
  • retrieve_password_message
  • lostpassword_redirect
  • lost_password
  • lostpassword_form

Reset Password

Available hooks related to reset password are:

  • login_form_resetpass
  • login_form_rp
  • password_reset_key_expired
  • validate_password_reset
  • password_reset
  • resetpass_form

User Registration

Available hooks related to user registration are:

  • login_form_register
  • registration_redirect
  • register_form
  • user_registration_email
  • register_post
  • registration_errors