Version 1.1.2 has been released

We are happy to announce User Meta Pro Version 1.1.2. New version introduced with couple of new features.

Feature list of version 1.1.2

Login Features:

  1. Login shortcode and login widget.
  2. Allow login with username or email.
  3. Customize login form.
  4. Customize form that will be show after login. show extra user fields for logged in user in login widget.
  5. Role based login redirection.
  6. Role based logout redirection.
  7. Support front-end lost password and reset password request.
  8. Restrict access to WordPress default login script (wp-login.php).

Profile Features:

  1. Provide shortcode to show front-end profile.
  2. Add extra fields on front-end profile.
  3. Customize user profile by using several required fields type.
  4. Hide existing fields on default WordPress user profile.
  5. Add extra field on default WordPress user profile.
  6. Add extra front-end profile link for site admin.

Registration Features:

  1. Allow front-end registration by using shortcode.
  2. Add extra fields on registration.
  3. Support 35 types of fields to make your registration form more applicable.
  4. Build paginated registration process.
  5. Ajax validation on registration process.
  6. Send customize user email to user and admin upon registration.
  7. Support several placeholder (including extra fields) to customize your registration email.
  8. Role based registration redirection.

Admin Approval Features:

  1. Require admin approval to activate new user after registration.
  2. User activate and deactivate.
  3. Send customize email on user activation and deactivation.

E-mail Verification Features:

  1. Send user a verification link upon registration.
  2. Activate user by verification link.
  3. Customize notification email when any email are verified.

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