User Meta Pro version 1.1.5

Changelog for version 1.1.5

  • Add user_id parameter to user_meta_pre_user_update filter hook.
  • Remove not used uploaded files via schedule events.
  • Add Russian translation. (Thanks to Vitaliy Cherednichenko for the translation)
  • Add Spanish translation. (Thanks to Jelena Kovacevic for the translation)
  • Add placeholder support to Fields Editor.
  • Change file upload directory to /uploads/files/
  • Change logout url. Logout url is not using resetpass anymore.
  • Add html5 placeholder to field by user-meta hook.
  • Bug fix: Required validation for country field.
  • Add settings for customize UMP generated text for front-end.
  • Allow to send email notification for all users who have administrative role.
  • User password will not force to include in registration email notification.
  • Add option for use default lostpassword url.
  • Remember last user import settings.
  • Use separate page for reset password and email verification.
  • Login redirect will not show any message while redirecting.

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