Try version 1.1.6rc2

Changelog for version 1.1.6rc2

  • New Shortcode: for showing single field value.
  • New Shortcode: to show stored field value.
  • Allow override of WordPress default user registration and reset password email by add-on.
  • New Filter: user_meta_admin_email_receiver to filter admin notification email.
  • Added multiselect field and allow optgroup on select.
  • Optimize the plugin for user-meta-advanced add-on.
  • Allow action/filter hook enable/disable by ‘user_meta_wp_hook’ filter.
  • Added Chinese translation.
  • Number field allows integer and decimal point.
  • Fix: postbox toggle icon and allows drag texts inside postbox.
  • Removed users_can_register option dependencies for user registration form.
  • Store resetpass hashed key instead of plaintext as of WP-3.7

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