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    When users enter their username on the site and receive the Lost Password Email, the reset link is not included even though the %reset_password_link% is at the bottom of the email.

    I did this for every role under Lost Password Email but it doesn’t work. It’s just blank.

    WP version : 4.9.7
    Theme: Avada (latest)



    Hello Kristy,

    Are you using login form / lost password form provided by UMP shortcode?



    Hello Khaled,

    Yes I am. The shortcode is [user-meta-login]


    Any update on this? If I disable User Meta Pro, and use the password reset from the regular wordpress login screen, the link comes through with no issues.



    Hello, I have the same issue. If you want any information from my site please let me know. The link appears to some users but not most. It seems to be blocked by the email system but i dont know why or how to unblock it. The blocked users are on not using the same email systems. Paul



    Is there any update on this matter? We are still facing this issue.


    sourov amin


    Is it possible to set a temp admin account for support(at)user-meta.com so that we can inspect the issue? You can send credentials to support(at)user-meta.com.




    Done and emailed



    Support of UMP managed to fix this in my site. For the benefit of future users, the issue was described as:

    “The problem is related to the E-mail format. When e-mail is sent with HTML format some other plugins trigger hook related to this, which caused the disappearance of reset link. If you set “Email Format” as “Plain Text” from “User Meta >> Settings >> General” (which is set now), then everything should work fine.
    But if you want e-mail in HTML format then use:

    < a href=”%reset_password_link%” > %reset_password_link% < / a >
    (remove all the spaces in the line above — I had to add it so that it would appear)

    instead of %reset_password_link%. “


    my password recovery doesn’t work. If I enter a password reset, I get a link to the email. I click on it and I am back on the login page instead of resetting my password. Why? Please help.

    I am writing via Google translator, not English speaking.

    Thank you very much



    Hi Michaela,

    I am just a user like you — but did you try going into the User Meta Pro settings, and under the Login tab, set the Reset Password Page?

    Hope that helps



    Hallo Kristy,

    yes, I have everything set up as instructed and I am always redirected to the login page. I should be redirected correctly to enter a new password. But thank you for your effort 😉


    Ah okay, sorry it didn’t work Michaela. You might want to email a temporary WP admin account to support(at)user-meta.com so that they can inspect the issue


    sourov amin

    Hello Michaela,

    If you are still facing the issue, is it possible to set up a temp admin and send the credentials to support(at)user-meta.com.


    sourov amin

    And thank you very much, Kristy, for helping.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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