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    I’m looking to have a feature that would enable different drop down menus to be available depending on what is entered in the first drop down menu.

    eg. First drop down menu has the options – sport, technology, arts

    if the the user selects sport the second drop down menu would have the options: tennis, bowling, cricket or if they select arts the second drop down menu would have the options: painting, photography, drawing

    Thanks for the plugin!




    I agree conditional logic would really be useful

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    Apart from dropdowns, this conditional/nested function would be useful for text field.
    i.e. ‘Are you a member of club A / club B etc’, which would then allow a user to then be shown a conditional text field to allow them to enter their club membership number (and also expiry date) into a text box that appears if they select they are a member of Club A / B etc.

    PS. Any word if this enhancement suggestion has been incorporated into the roadmap?



    Hi Guys, thanks for your comments on it. We have plan to introduce conditional option to field. Along those, any more suggestions will be appreciated.



    Do you have any suggestions/hacks/code samples to point me in the right direction of getting this working?

    Any suggestions are much appreciated.

    Thanks Khaled,



    I only can suggest to look at other plugins like Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms how it is implemented there. I can make screenshots of UI if needed.



    Hi, We have added conditional logic to verson 1.1.7beta1. And we always appreciate your suggestions.



    Hello. I’m looking for the conditional logic in version 1.1.7beta1, but I don’t see it. Am I missing something?
    I want to use it to give users the opportunity to add a small amount of meta data or larger amounts, as they choose, without having to clutter up the form with all the optional fields. With Gravity you can use a checkbox for users to display optional fields if they choose. This would be a great feature. 1.1.7beta1 works smoothly for me and the interface update is real nice….simpler. Thanks Khaled


    Conditional Logic not working for me. I set a logic for a field that is “Hide from Customer” but it is not showing to other user role like Employer or Subscriber…. I think there are java script missing… Can you give me a solution ?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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