Custom user registration by user meta

To create custom user registration form with user meta, there are three steps:

Steps 1. Fields Editor:

Go to User Meta >> Fields Editor and choose the necessary fields. Configure field’s properties as needed.

User Mate Fields Editor

User Mate Fields Editor


Step 2. Forms Editor:

Go to User Meta >> Forms Editor and drag & drop necessary fields to your form. (From name is mandatory.*)

User Meta Forms Editor

User Meta Forms Editor


Step:03.  Write Shortcode to page or post:

Write user-meta shortcode to page or post. To create page go to page >> add new.



User Meta registration shortcode

User Meta registration shortcode

  • type=”registration” for showing registration page.
  • type=”both” for showing profile page if user loged in, or showing registration page, if not user loged in.


User Registration Widget:

User registration form can be shown as widget. Go to Appearance >> Widgets for available widgets. There will be new widget named User Meta Registration/Profile Form.  This widget can be use for showing user registration form as widget. In widget configuration set your action type and form name.

Registration/Profile Widget

Registration/Profile Widget settings

User Registration Template Tag:

Custom user profile can be use as template tag anywhere in your site.


$actionType = “registration”;

$formName = “my_form2”;

echo userMetaProfileRegister( $actionType, $formName );


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