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1) Create Front-End Profiles, Forms or Courses… 2) Smile

(By Patric)

Have you been looking for a WordPress user plugin that can enable your users to enter and update data from the front-end of your site? You can stop chasing your tail and start grinning now, ‘cuz the User Meta plugin has got you covered! …..



Source: wpmudev blog

Link: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/1-create-front-end-profiles-forms-or-courses-2-smile/


Most Popular WordPress Usermeta Plugins
WordPress user management plugin. Custom user profile,registration with extra fields. Custom Login, Import/export users from/to csv and many more.



Source: Leadin

Link: http://leadin.com/plugins/wordpress-usermeta


WordPress plugin comparison: User Meta Pro vs. WP-Members

  • highly configurable options
  • role-specific email notifications
  • tons of redirect and form options
  • allows for user registration/login with email address only (eliminates need for username)
  • collects custom fields (such as address, phone, etc.)



Source: harmonicnw blog

Link: http://www.harmonicnw.com/2012/12/wordpress-plugin-comparison-user-meta-pro-vs-wp-members/


Useful & A Class One

I am not sure why some people are complaining about this plugin. To me, it’s the best user management wordpress plugin. Maybe there’s some problem about support. But it’s seems to me the problem is solved recently. They are giving replies. However, this issue can’t prevent me to give this plugin 100% rating.
This plugin is full of useful features and the pro version is absolutely a class one. No question about that.
The plus point is anyone can use it with ease. I’ve tried few similar plugin like this one. Honestly, this is the best among these.



Source: Plugin Reviews- User Meta

Link: https://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/user-meta


User Management plugin that works!

There are tons of user management plugins in wordpress but most of those does not work (seriously there is no single plugin that solves all the user management problems). Even paid one’s! I was frustrated and was helpless. Because, I have couple large wordpress based application which literally have million views per month. And I wanted a single plugin that provides standard user management features which will help me to engage more users and gain more traction.

When I was almost giving up and was going to hire an agency to develop a custom solution, I found this plugin through my friend (who was already using this plugin).
And I find “user meta” as a single versatile solution for wordpress user management.
The support is very responsive and overall I am happy so far with the plugin. Highly recommended to someone who wants a single complete package for wordpress user management system.



Source: Plugin Reviews- User Meta

Link: http://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/user-meta/page/5


5 Import Users Plugins for WordPress
User Meta is more than an import plugin. It supports custom user profiles and lets you add additional fields to the registration process. You can import and update current user data using a CSV file as well.



Source: WP Solver

Link: http://www.wpsolver.com/import-users-plugins-for-wordpress/


A List of Memorable Free User Meta WordPress Widgets

WordPress user management plugin. Custom user profile,registration with extra fields. Custom Login, Import/export users from/to csv and many more. Users can register their account with different role by using different registration form.



Source: designcanyon

Link: http://designcanyon.com/wordpress/free-user-meta-wordpress-widgets/


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