Features of User Meta Pro: WordPress User Management Plugin


User Registration:

  • Register users on front-end
  • Front-end user registration by shortcode, Widget and Template Tag.
  • Fields and forms editor to customize front-end user registration.
  • Create unlimited forms for custom user registration.
  • Add extra fields to custom user registration.
  • Show user avatar in registration page (both ajax and non ajax).
  • Different registration forms for different roles
  • Allows user registration without a username, just email.


User Profile:

  • Build user profile with drag-and-drop fields then show that profile at front-end or backend.
  • Fields and forms editor to customize front-end user profile.
  • Create unlimited forms for custom user profile.
  • Add extra fields to custom user profile.
  • Role based user profile on front-end
  • User profile at front-end using shortcode, widget or template tag.
  • Allows user to update their profile on front-end.
  • Extra fields to backend user profile
  • Hide unnecessary fields from backend profile.
  • Show user avatar in profile page (both ajax and non ajax).
  • Add profile link to users listing page.


User Login:

  • Ready to use login facilities with several configurations.
  • Login user in front-end (login shortcode, login widget or template tag for front-end login.)
  • Forget Password and Reset Password options in front-end.
  • Customize the whole login page with extra fields.
  • Login users with username, email or both username/email.
  • Show role based data after login.
  • Disable access to wp-login.php.
  • Auto user login after registration.


User Import & Export:

  • Bulk users import/export from/to csv file with extra fields.
  • Customize, filter, or change user order while exporting users.
  • User import/export with hashed or plain text password.
  • Filter users with role or date for importing or exporting.
  • Create several export templates with different settings.
  • Map fields from csv to your site to import.
  • Import only new users or update existing user’s data.
  • Send bulk email while importing new users.


Email Notification:

  • Customize emails sent from your WordPress site. Add default field or extra fields content to each email.
  • Modify default email sender information.
  • Email verification on registration.
  • Change email sender information for certain types of email.
  • User email verification before accessing site.
  • Include any extra field’s data to email with placeholder.
  • Send user custom email while they are registering.
  • Send email notification to admin with custom fields.
  • Admin email notification if user updates profile.
  • Customize lost password, email verification, user activation or deactivation email.


Admin Approval :

  • Admin approval on user registration.
  • Admin can activate or deactivate any user from user listing page.



Role based redirection after user login, logout and registration.


Supported fields for form builder:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Password
  • Website
  • Display Name
  • Nick Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Biographical Info
  • Registration Date
  • Role
  • Jabber
  • Aim
  • Yim
  • User Avatar
  • TextBox
  • Paragraph
  • Rich Text
  • Hidden Field
  • DropDown
  • Multi select
  • CheckBox
  • Select One (radio)
  • Date /Time
  • Password
  • Email
  • File Upload
  • Image Url
  • Phone Number
  • Number
  • Website
  • Country
  • Custom Field
  • Page Heading
  • Section Heading
  • HTML
  • Captcha


Field’s Features:

  • Unlimited number of fields.
  • Completely configurable.
  • Retrieve all user data by meta key.
  • A shared field can be used in more than one forms.
  • Conditional logic to show/hide a field to/from some specific users.
  • Apply regex in password field.
  • Shortcode for showing a single field.
  • Show user’s data by field content shortcode.
  • Pagination to subdivide long form.
  • Control field outlook with field container class, field container style and input class.

And many more…..



Aren’t these mouth watering? A full pack of features in a single plugin.

So, why don’t you get it now!!!

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