New features for User Meta Pro Version 1.1.6

Added registration link to login form/widget

From now you don’t need to write your registration link manually. Just locate your registration page(to change default WordPress registration link) and you have done.



New login form will look likes:login-form

Single field shortcode

User Meta Pro let you create form with your necessary fields by a great field editor, you want to show a single field to your user. Well, now it is easy. Just write a shortcode.

 [user-meta-field id=XXX]

replace XXX with your field id.

Field content shortcode

Now, you can show any user’s data by this shortcode

 [user-meta-field-value id=XXX] or  [user-meta-field-value key=meta_key]

Multi Select

Just let your user select more than one item by nice way



Grouping your multi-select or select one options is very easy now.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 2.50.25 AM


And More…

  • Support user registration for free version.
  • Optimized sending email notification to all admins.
  • Added ver paramater to js and css files.
  • Remove plugin-framework.css/js. Split user-meta.js into user-meta.js and user-meta-admin.js
  • Import both plain text and hashed password with users import
  • Allow override of WordPress default user registration and reset password email by add-on.
  • New Filter: user_meta_admin_email_recipient to filter admin notification email.
  • Optimize the plugin for user-meta-advanced add-on.
  • Allow action/filter hook enable/disable by ‘user_meta_wp_hook’ filter.
  • Added Chinese translation.
  • Number field allows integer and decimal point.
  • Fix: postbox toggle icon and allows drag texts inside postbox.
  • Removed users_can_register option dependencies for user registration form.
  • Store resetpass hashed key instead of plaintext as of WP-3.7
  • Added Lost Password email notification.
  • Added role placeholder.

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