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    I was told to install the dev version of the plugin because cross-multisite registration wasn’t working in the current stable version.

    In the dev version, so far I have encountered two fatal errors due to inaccurate namespaces, also I can’t seem to log out.

    I documented the first in another thread I was getting support on

    The second one occurs when logging into wp-admin. I can’t recall the exact error as I can’t duplicate it due to issue #3 below. BUT, the fix was another incorrect namespace. in user-meta/models/pro/umProAuth.php (when formatting the minified code) on line 25 $mWW___________3 = new IXR_Client( $userMeta->website . '/xmlrpc.php' ); after new it needs a backslash so you are accessing the global namespace. UPDATED VERSION: $mWW___________3 = new \IXR_Client( $userMeta->website . '/xmlrpc.php' );

    The last issue is I can’t for the life of me log out. If I change the name of the folder, I can log out, but HEY! Once I change that folder name back, I’m logged back in! … this is nowhere NEAR ready to be recommended to paying customers they install this. At this moment I can’t move forward and I’m stuck with the issues in the current stable version.



    Hi Cole,

    Thanks for your reporting. Recently we applied namespace over almost whole plugin. Some lines of
    code missed backslash unintentionally.

    Those has been solved by dev version.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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