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    We’ve just started using WPFront User Role Editor to allow users to have multiple (modular) roles on our site. I’ve now got to update the existing users (500+) with their new modular roles (eg changing users from just BASIC into the HOWTO & RESOURCES roles).

    I installed User Meta to do this through export / import (as it’s not as simple as doing it in bulk online via WPFront – not all BASIC users will get both HOWTO & RESOURCES). I need to see the users and decide individually – exporting to Excel is much more user friendly for this.

    I’ve exported the users using a custom meta “Roles” and see that the roles are in the cell separated by commas (I checked by changing a few in WP first), but when I update users in the CSV file and reimport, the updated roles are not being taken on. They still have the old role(s) in there.

    Am I doing something wrong, I’m not doing anything to the CSV file except updating that Roles column. I added “Roles” as a custom field associated with this info in the import. I tried with “Add custom field to (if not already added)” on and off.

    Can anyone help?




    Hello Stephen,

    Unfortunately, multiple roles is not supported by UMP yet. I’m moving your post to feature request section.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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