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    What is the best solution or plugin for getting my meta fields to show up on the Edit User screen on the backend? I’d like the admin to have the ability to edit user fields….



    For now, extra user field is not showing in default admin page. This feature will included soon with User Meta Pro.

    However, Admin can see and update other’s user’s profile(frontend frofile).
    To do this, go to:
    1. User Meta >> Settings.
    2. Select your profile page Under ‘Profile Page Selection’ and check right sided checkbox.
    3. Go to Users >> All Users.
    4. There will be a new link named ‘Profile’ for each user. Follow this link to see and update frontend profile.




    Ah ok. Thanks for showing me that. One bummer I see is that the Profile link seems to conflict with the Codepress Admin Columns plugin. I can disable that plugin for now, but if there is an easy fix to make them compatible it would be great!

    Thanks again,



    Hello, I’m not getting a link on the all users page. When I enable the “Show profile link to User Administration Page” I get a new column “Front Profile” but no links.



    Most probably, any other plugin installed in your system (which is using admin column) is conflicting.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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