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    Hello User Meta Pro Team,

    I have a repeating issue with our login form and the password reset from the shortcode [user-meta-login].

    When I enter an email and click the button „Reset your password“ nothing happens. There is no error message when you enter a false email and also nothing happens when you enter a valid email.

    The same applies to the login form. No matter what credentials you enter nothing happens after you click on “Login”.

    I recognized one special behavior: When I switch my site in staging mode to debug the issue disappears. There are no entries in WP Debug log or in error log.
    After a few days the issue appears again.

    Thank you in advance if you can help here.

    Kind regards,


    sourov amin


    It can be an issue caused by plugins conflict. However, is it possible to set up a temp admin and send credentials to “support(at)user-meta.com” so it can be checked closely?



    I just had the issue again and cleared the cache which temporarily seems to solve the problem. Do you suggest any special settings regarding the cache, for example to ignore No-Cache / Set-Cookie Header?

    Thank you for your reply!


    Just an update on this issue:
    It is clearly an issue with caching. We had the issue again today and the refresh did clear it.

    How do you other customers cache your sites or do you avoid caching on membership sites at all?

    May be the support team from user meta pro could bring clarification on this since this tapic is 9 day old now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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