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    Nick Mammola

    Hi all –

    We are using a user meta pro form for login shortcode on a new page so that we can customize the look and feel of the login page. However, the email that gets generated when a new person subscribes (Subject: Your username and password info) still is using /wp-login.php url. We can’t seem to find that email, or why it isn’t directing people to our /login page (with action=rp). Any ideas?



    sourov amin

    Hello Mammola,

    Set Login Page to your desired page from User Meta >> Settings >> Login.

    If you don’t set a login page, by default it is wp-login.php.


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    Nick Mammola

    Hi Sourov,

    On the login settings for User Meta Pro, we have the newly created Login page selected (which uses the shortcode for [user-meta-login]. We also have checked the box for disabling the default login url (wp-login.php).

    In the email that goes out upon a new account, it includes the long URL to wp-login.php with the key/token so that the user can set their initial password. It does in fact redirect to the login page we created with your shortcode, however there is no key. It’s just simply a login form.

    Is there something special we need to do on a login page that uses [user-meta-login] so that it can also process the initial token to set initial passwords for users like wp-login.php would ordinarily do?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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