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    Hi – we’re currently using the developer version of UMP and we’ve noticed an odd anomaly when users register a new user account on Chrome on a Mac running OS-X. I’ve set up the plugin to automatically log the user in and redirect them back to referer once they’ve registered. Once they land back on the referring page, I have set up a function which applies a further re-direct for logged-in users. That destination is different for each of the three registration pages we have on the site.

    This is working as it should do for most users, but for OS-X Chrome users, the initial redirect isn’t working and they are being sent back to the login page, despite them now being logged in. To confuse things further, the site menu for logged-out users is being shown, so they don’t even realise they are logged in. They have to go to one of the other main menu options before the correct menu shows.

    Every other browser seems to work as expected, including Safari on OS-X.

    I’m not sure how to tackle this and wondered if you’d come across anything similar before.

    Thanks for your help.



    Hi again. We have solved this one. Our live site is on https:// but if anyone tries to register on a link using http:// the form redirect fails and it takes you to a login form even though you are actually logged in. I’m guessing that it is seeing the http and https versions as different sites and getting confused as a result. We can fix this by adding a rule to the .htaccess file to re-write the url accordingly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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