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    Hi, I’m running the latest version of the plugin and WordPress in a network site configuration. The problem is when I click on either Active (17297) | Inactive (2) | Pending (1) links they show a blank list even though there are users assigned to each um_status.

    Could you help debug please?

    Thank you



    to my experience problems like this can be solved by whitelisting your IP on the Web Application Firewall (often a.k.a. ModSecurity) on your hosting.




    Hi Lukas and thanks for the suggestion. Not sure why IP whitelisting would help with this. I can access every other admin page on my wordpress site including any of the standard and custom user groups listed on the Users page. The only links on the User page returning zero results are ‘Active’, ‘Inactive’ and ‘Pending’.

    If I hack the URL from and change it to << take note of the addition of /network/
    … then it works.

    It seems to me that the plugin needs a little modification to handle a WP Network setup????


    Bumping post. Need support on this asap if possible please. Thank you in advance.


    sourov amin


    Please try the current Dev Version from for an immediate solution until the next release.



    Pablo AV

    Just installed the last dev version… bug stills there. No other solution? Also tried latest stable version, same result though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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