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    I have a website in 3 languages.
    I’m using WPML to translate pages and contents but I don’t know how to translate the registration form created with User Meta Pro.
    Could anyone please help me to figure it out?
    Thank you.



    Hi All!

    Same question i use WPML – i need translation for three langs on forms of User Meta Pro, how i can do it?




    I found a semi-solution…
    WPML seems to work, but not always, with User Meta Pro, so I did this way:

    – in WPML > Theme and Plugins Localization etc (sorry but I have an Italian version, so I’m not so sure about the title of the section)
    – I searched and found “User Meta Pro” and checked it
    – at the bottom of the page I clicked on “Scan selected plugin to find the strings” (or something)
    – I come back to “User Meta Pro” and clicked on “View all plugin texts” (or something similar)
    – at the bottom of this page I chose “ENGLISH” as “Original language” and clicked on “Save options and scan strings again”
    – then I could begin to translate my strings

    Because I didn’t find every string in this page (for example the text for notifications, like “Please wait until an admin confirm your account”), I installed another free plugin, Codestyling Localization, and there I could find and translate what I needed.

    This is a partial solution, but it worked quite well for me.
    Hope this can help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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