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    Stuart Allan


    I’m having trouble importing fields into my users database.

    To test the import and export I have exported the previous users that we have input already into wordpress manually via a csv file. I then edit one of the users in this csv file on an excel spreadsheet. I then import this data back into my users database, to check if there are any successful changes to the user database.

    A lot of the fields I have for the users are xprofile buddypress fields, and nothing seems to be importing into these fields, or any fields for that matter.



    Peter Illig

    Same issue. The uploads finishes successfull but the user meta / xprofile fields are not updated. User profiles did not change.


    sourov amin


    User Meta store user data against meta key following the WordPress standard.
    While importing any data you have to assign an existing field or a meta key for each column to make sure it is stored where you actually want. Without assigning, it takes a close matched value or makes a new shared field.

    To store xprofile field data correctly, assign the correct xprofile meta key.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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