Import/Export users from/to CSV file with extra fields

User Import

Import new users or update existing users with all of their meta data from csv file.

User Meta Pro user import feature includes:

  • Users import from csv file.
  • Create new user or update existing user from csv, allow to control the flow.
  • Build import form dynamically based on fields in csv file.
  • Import WordPress standard fields and also custom fields(meta data).
  • Merge csv field to WP field.
  • Allow sending email to new users while importing them.

User Export

Export users from your site to csv file including extra fields as well as default WordPress fields.

User Meta Pro user export feature includes:

  • Export users to csv file.
  • Select your desired fields from drag-drop user friendly interface.
  • Include extra custom field’s data to csv file.
  • Customize order of fields.
  • Filter users by date and role.
  • Exclude one or more role at a time.
  • Support various order to exported users. Also allow filter data to ascending or descending order.
  • Save your export settings as template for later use and create as many template as you wish.
User Export by User Meta Pro

User Export by User Meta Pro

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