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User Export


Export users by producing CSV file. You can export users so easily by Export User feature.

To export users, go to : Export & Import >> User Export section.
Here you will find User Export default form. Drag Fields to export from Available Fields. Select Drag all fields to export all available fields. Also can use Meta Key to add field for exporting.

user export-1


Don’t want to export all the users. Only want users with some specific roles. Then exclude users by roles. Check Roles from Exclude Roles checkbox.

You can also select users according to their registration date. Input Start Date and End Date to do so.

Change users order by selecting Order By and Order drop down options.

user export-2


When all things are ready,

click Save Only to save the form only. It won’t produce any file.

click Export Only to produce a file with user’s data. But no form will be saved.

click Save and Export to do both. A file will be produced then to export. Save the file.


To make another user export template click New User Export Template.

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