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User Import


Import users by uploading CSV file. You can add new users so simply by Import User feature.


To import users, go to : Export & Import >> User Import section.

user import-1


Click Upload and select your desired CSV file. Only CSV file can be uploaded.

Note that, First row of CSV file will be treated as Field’s Name and Fields will be separated by comma (,) and enclosed with double quotation (“”).

user import-2


A User Import box will appear in your screen like below. Select and customize what you need to import.

user import-3


Choose Identify Uniquely by Email, Username or by Both options.

Can assign Fields with CSV Header.

Change User Role if you wish.

Check Overwrite existing users or Send email to new user to overwrite and notify new users by sending them email respectively.

Can add Custom Field with Field’s Editor if not already added.

In case of New User, if Password Field is not set, then user will get the Password by E-mail.

Note that, Username will accept only Alphanumeric Characters plus these: _, space,, *, and @. All other characters will replaced by Null.


When you have done, click Import and new users will be imported. Browse Users section and you will find new imported users.

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