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Hidden Field

Field Configuration: To add Hidden field in a form, go to User Meta >> Forms. Add a new form or edit an existing one. In the Form Builder menu click Hidden Field from right sidebar of Extra Fields section. Then you will have a configuration panel. Configure your Hidden field by using this configuration panel.

This field is used to pass information without showing the field in front-end.


Basic Configuration:

This part consists of Meta Key and Value.

Meta Key: Use meta key to save field’s data. Without defining the meta key, field data won’t be saved. You must define a meta key for this field. This is unique identification key for the field. E.g. hidden (unique and no space).

Value: Define a value to pass this without showing.


img-01: basic configuration
img-01: basic configuration


Advanced Configuration:

This part consists of Admin only, Make the Field as Shared and Conditional Logic.

Admin only: To make this field available only for admin check admin only.

Make Field as Shared: To make this field as a shared field to use the field in any form just check Make this field as shared.

Conditional Logic: To apply conditional logic to this field Enable Conditional Logic. To know about conditional logic, read Fields Basics.


img-02: advanced configuration
img-02: advanced configuration


Nothing will appear in front-end for hidden field.

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