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Back-end Profile Settings

The backend profile page is the page of WordPress Users’ page (Dashboard > Users most likely found at www.yoursitename.domain/wp-admin/users.php ). Here, you can see the profile page only if you have access to the dashboard (admins etc). You can tweak the settings of this page to manage all the form fields of the users.

Hide fields you don’t want to appear

First of all, you can hide any fields from the backend profile simply by clicking these check boxes and they will be gone.

hide unwanted fields from backe-end
Img 1 Hide Fields

Add your own custom fields

You can ask for more information, besides the default options, from your users. Go to User Meta > Shared Fields and create any field to want to put into the backend profile.

custom field example to add to back end
Img 2 Exemplary Field

You can make it compulsory by ticking the required field at the bottom.

Next, you’ll have to drag and drop it to the left column. Don’t mind the ID, we’ve put it there to keep track of all the fields.

Set your custom field profile settings
Img 3 Set new field for back-end

Next, save the changes. Visit the profile page (Users) to see it appear.

added new field in the backend profile settings
Img 4 Rendered new added field

This way you can customize your users backend profile page as your business requires.

If you have any queries feel free to check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or the Forums section.

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