E-mail Notification Basics


Set email notification and customize your email body which will be sent to users or admins after these actions :

  • User Registration
  • E-mail Verification
  • User Activation
  • User Deactivation
  • Lost Password
  • Reset Password
  • Profile Update


Go to User Meta >> Email Notification.

email basic-1


Role Based Customization

Can Customize and set different email notification with different name or subject based on user’s role. Choose role and customize email notification differently if you wish.

email basic-2


E-mail Sender Setting

Can change From Name and From E-mail. It will change default email sender. That means every email sent from your site can be customized to use a particular name and email. Leave blank if you wish to use default. Have the option to change E-mail Format to Plain Text or HTML.

registration notification-2


Include Extra Fields to Subject and Body Using Placeholder

Write and edit email Subject and Body. Include extra Fields to email subject and body. Use placeholder to include any extra field’s data to email.

registration notification-3


Use Placeholder %email_verification_url% if needed. Placeholder need to be replaced with the relevant value when used in email subject or body.

Custom Field can be added with your custom user meta key. Use %your_custom_user_meta_key% to add custom Field’s data to email subject or body.

registration notification-4