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Version Update

When there is new stable version announce, you will be notified by your plugin listing page with update link. Just click update link to update your plugin version

If for any case update link is not working for you or you need to install RC or DEV version, then follow those steps:

  1. Login and download latest version of User Meta Pro from Download Page.
  2. You need to remove old version then. For removing old version, go to Plugins >>Installed plugins from your admin panel. Find User Meta Pro, there will be a link named Active or Deactive under User Meta Pro. If plugin is Activated then Deactive it by clicking Deactive. After Deactivation, There will be a Delete link available. Click Delete link. Delete link will redirect you to confirmation page. Confirm you deletion by clicking Yes, Delete these files. (Deleting the plugin won’t effect on your saved fields/forms or settings)
  3. Go to Plugins >> Add New from admin panel. Click upload from upper menu. Locate file and click Install Now. Plugin will start uploading, after complete uploading, Click Active Plugin.
  4. That’s it. User Meta Pro is updated.
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