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Writing shortcode

Step 1. Create Form from User Meta >> Forms.

Step 2. Select Fields from the right and modify if you need, those you want to include in the Form.

Step 3. Write Shortcode to your page or post. Shortcode (e.g.): [user-meta-profile form="form_name"]


Profile shortcode
[user-meta-profile form="Form_Name"]

Registration shortcode
[user-meta-registration form="Form_Name"]

Login shortcode
[user-meta-login] OR [user-meta-login form="Form_Name"]

Field shortcode
[user-meta-field id=Field_ID]

Field content shortcode
[user-meta-field-value id=Field_ID] OR [user-meta-field-value key=meta_key]

Profile / Registration
[user-meta type=profile-registration form="Form_Name"]
(To show user profile if user logged in, or showing registration form, if user not logged in.)

Public profile
[user-meta type=public form="Form_Name"]
(To show public profile if user_id parameter provided as GET request.)

Another form of shortcode:

[user-meta type=type_name form="form_name"]

  • type=”profile” for showing profile page.
  • type=”registration” for showing registration page.
  • type=”profile-registration” for showing profile page if user loged in, or showing registration page, if not user loged in.
  • type=”public” for showing public profile if user_id parameter provided as GET request.
  • type=”login” for showing login page.
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