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Profile Update E-mail

In profile update email notification, there are two sections. First is for user. In this section an email notification will be sent to user after updating his/her front-end profile. And the other section is for admin only. This section can produce email notification to admin when users update their front-end profile. You can edit and customize this email notification with it’s subject and body. Also can set different email for different users based on their role and add extra Field’s data to email subject and body.

To set this email notification and customize your email which will be sent user or admin when user update front-end profile, go to : Email Notification >> Profile Update E-mail.
To know about Role Based Customization, E-mail Sender Setting, Including Extra Fields to Subject and Body Using Placeholder, go to : Email Notification Basics.

In User Notification section, check Disable this notification not to send any email to user after he/she has updated front-end profile.


If you wish not to send any email to admin then just check Disable this notification in Admin Notification section. Check Send email to all admin to send the email to all admins.



And Save Changes.

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