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Field Shortcode

field shortcode

Write user-meta shortcode to page or post. To create page go to Pages >> Add New.

Field Shortcode : 

[user-meta-field id=Field_ID]

You can choose any field id using this shortcode. No form is required to use the shortcode in any pages. If you want to pick a field from any created form then this is the option that is best for you.

To exemplify, A short demo of using this shortcode will be given by following the steps.

  • At first, make a form with fields as shared fields according to your want.


  • Then, try the shortcode in any of your pages where you want to put this field. In addition, you can even try this shortcode with another shortcode to customize your form.

  • Finally, here is the field shortcode’s output.


Note: You have to make the field as a shared field.


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