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Custom Field

Field Configuration: Need a custom field to meet your custom needs?? Go to User Meta >> Forms. Create a new Form and from the right side go to Advanced Fields. Then, click Custom Field and configure it according to your want.

custom field
img-01: Basic field

Basic Configuration: All the options of Basic are as same as other fields. But the options that you really need to know are:

  • HTML5 Input Type: Choose your input type from here.

    Input type
    img-02: Input type
  • Pattern: Use Regular Expression (Regex) if you want to put some restrictions into field value or extend field uses. For example: if you want to set a strict password, use  /^(?=.*\d)(?=.*[A-Z])(?=.*[a-z])(?=.*[^\w\d\s:])([^\s]){8,16}$/gm in pattern field.
Regex field
img-03: Regex field

custom field

  • Error text: This text will be shown if the value does not match your given Regex. “Invalid field” is an error text by default.

Advanced Configuration: All the options of Advanced are as same as other fields.

  • Can set this field for different users.
  • Can change field style.
Advanced field
img-04: Advanced field
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