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List of available translations :

Language: German
File Name: user-meta-de_DE.po
Contributor: Martin Sternsberger
Contributor: Alexander Kiesl

Language: French
File Name: user-meta-fr_FR.po
Contributor: Henri Mesquida

Language: Italian
File Name: user-meta-it_IT.po
Contributor: Bluantinoo

Language: Dutch
File Name: user-meta-nl_NL.po
Contributor: Carsten Alsemgeest

Language: Russian
File Name: user-meta-ru_RU.po
Contributor: Vitaliy Cherednichenko (Виталий Чередниченко)

Language: Spanish
File Name: user-meta-es_ES.po
Contributor: Andrew Kurtis

Language: Chinese
File Name: user-meta-zh_CN.po
Contributor: Chen Yan

Language: Czech
File Name: user-meta-cs_CZ.po
Contributor: Pavel Vítek

Language: Turkish
File Name: user-meta-tr_TR.po
Contributor: Gökhan Özdemir

Many thanks to all who contribute for those translation. user-meta.pot file are provided with the plugin. You can use the file to translate into your language. If you wish to share your translation just send it to support(at)

All translation can be found at