Export/Import User with User Meta Pro: WordPress Exporting/Importing User Management Plugin


So you are searching for a wordpress plugin that can export and import user with ease. Here’s the solution. Get User Meta Pro.

This plugin is not only an exporting/importing plugin though. Among tons of features, related to the user management, exporting/importing user is one of the coolest. The good sides of User Meta Pro exporting/importing are:

  1. Bulk users import/export from/to csv file with extra fields.
  2. Customize, filter, or change user order while exporting users.
  3. User import/export with hashed or plain text password.
  4. Filter users with role or date for importing or exporting.
  5. Create several export templates with different settings.
  6. Map fields from csv to your site to import.
  7. Import only new users or update existing user’s data.
  8. Send bulk email while importing new users.
  9. Identify uniquelyby email, username or by both options while importing.
  10. Add custom fields with field’s editor.
  11. In case of new user, if password field is not set, then user will get a password by e-mail.

And many more…..



To know how to export/import user via User Meta Pro exactly, please read UMP export/import documentation.

And don’t get confused. This is not the whole. See All important features of User Meta Pro.

Now, your call. Why don’t you give a try???

Get User Meta Pro.


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