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    I’ve followed the steps in the FAQ. “Update Credentials, then “Withdraw License.” No matter what I do I still get “your single site license already used in: myLocalhostTestingArea” error. This is for a client. I need to move the license. Please help.



    Hi Johnathan,

    I just reset your licnese. Please try again to validate your new site.



    You. Are. The. MAN.

    Please note: I’m going to end up moving this again one more time. My client required a two-stage testing area (one on my local machine, and then one on their testing server once I reached a certain point). The next updating of the license will be into production, however that won’t be necessary until their done with their QA process.

    If it gets weird again when I try to move it, I’ll post a reply here rather than starting a new thread. Thank you so much for the quick reply. I’d never have expected this level of customer service. It’s wonderful. Thank you again.



    Thanks Johnathan.

    Just write here when you will need to revalidate your license 🙂



    Hi Khaled,

    Please can you do the same for me? The same thing is happening.

    Thank you


    Hi Khaled,

    I would also like to remove the license from the staging URL and move it to the live URL.
    Unfortunately I deleted the staging website and forgot to “remove” the license.

    See my e-mails for details.

    Thank you in advance.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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